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How Oakmont, Harmar, and Fox Chapel PA Chiropractic Works, In Simple Terms

It is not uncommon for me to hear someone who is not familiar with chiropractic care ask, "Why would I bring my child, or especially a newborn infant to a chiropractor in Oakmont, Harmar, or Fox Chapel PA?" They are thinking, my child is just a baby; he hasn't had any injuries or back problems and doesn't have any pain, why should he/she see a chiropractor? I can understand why someone would think this if they were not familiar with chiropractic care and how it works. So, allow me to 1st explain a quick lesson, in simple terms, about the body and how chiropractic works with it, and then, how that relates to children.

Your brain is the control center of every function of every organ and system in your body. Your nerves are simply the telephone wires of your body, they are a main way of how your brain "Talks" to other body parts and tells them what to do. When there is no interference in these "telephone lines", the communication between your brain and other body parts is uninterrupted and your body functions normally.

So How Do Chiropractors Help?

Chiropractors work on something we call subluxations. A subluxation is when one of the bones in your spine moves out of its normal alignment in respect to the bone above it or below it and causes interference to the nerve that comes out from the spinal cord and passes between these 2 bones. That interference to the nerve is like static in a phone line. If you and I were talking to each other on the phone, and there was static in the line, we might have a miscommunication, and something would go wrong. For example: if I told you to meet me at a certain restaurant at noon, but due to the static you thought I said two, we'd have a miscommunication, and not have our meal together. The same thing happens in the body. When you have the subluxation causing interference in the nerve, the brain won't be able to get its correct communication to the other body parts, and something will go wrong. For example, suppose the brain is trying to tell the cells in the pancreas to secrete a certain amount of insulin, but the communication is interfered with because of "static" in the line and they don't secrete enough... something goes wrong and you end up with high blood sugar.

This is how the structure of your spine determines the function of your body. Whatever body part is at the end of the nerve that is being interfered with, that body part will ALWAYS malfunction. Without proper structure, you cannot have proper function and without proper function, you cannot be totally healthy! There is obviously much more to all this, but that is a very basic idea of how things work.

So, okay... how does all that apply to your infant or child? First of all, birth is actually the biggest trauma that most of us will ever go through. A study was done, in which obstetricians were asked in a normal, uncomplicated birth, how much force is used to extricate the baby from the birth canal. Answers ranged from between 90 to 120lbs of pull. Since 140lbs of pull will actually decapitate a person, you can see how this amount of force that is used in a regular, everyday, uncomplicated birth can cause injury to the neck, and consequently, over 80% of people get their 1st subluxation during birth. This trauma is one reason why the baby can't hold its head up after birth. Babies that I have worked on chiropracticly, shortly after their birth can hold their heads almost normally. About 20 years ago at the University of Colorado, they did a study that found that 20 mmHg of pressure exerted on a nerve was enough force to cut the impulse flowing through the nerve in half. (If you hold your hand in front of you, palm facing downward and place a quarter on the back of your hand, that is approximately 20 mmHg pressure.) How much pressure do you think is being exerted on the nerves in the baby's neck in just that normal, average birth, using between 90 and 120lbs of force, let alone in a complicated birth, where they use forceps or vacuum extraction in the delivery process. Doesn't it make sense to you now why you should have your baby checked by chiropractor to see if it has any subluxations that will lead to malfunction of its body?

What Next?

Now I can hear you asking, "If over 80% of people get subluxated and at birth, and most are not getting the subluxations fixed, and still appear to be living normal lives, why should I really worry about it?" Well, the problem is, we as a society are not living normal lives. We are living our lives with problems that are common, like headaches, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, just to name a few… I'll admit, these problems are common, but they are not NORMAL--They are the result of malfunction in our body over our lifetime. Remember previously I said that proper spinal structure determines proper body function, which determines health. The average senior citizen takes over 20 pills a day. I sure wouldn't consider this proper function or being healthy!

Let's go back to children for a minute though. Are kids getting ear infections normal? - NO-- again, they are common, but not normal. They are the result of malfunction in the body. The child has a subluxation in his/her neck, which causes several things to happen. 1st, the muscles in the neck spasm which closes down on the Eustachian tube and prevents the fluid from draining out of the ear. Secondly, the subluxation also affects the immune system and also hinders the body, fighting off the bacteria in the fluid and the child ends up with an ear infection. Children under Chiropractic care rarely, if ever get ear infections.

All of these things that I just talked about are what we consider to be normal in our society, however, as I just pointed out these type of things are not normal, only common, because of all of us being subluxated. Having your child checked for subluxation, as soon as possible is the best thing you can do for him/her to help ensure that they grow up as healthy as possible, free from ear infections, headaches, growing pains, scoliosis and all of the other problems that we consider to be normal. Give your child the chance to start their life as good and healthy as they can possibly be… have them checked to see if they have a subluxation before it starts affecting them!



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